Action Contents was Founded in August of 2016 and addresses a previously expensive and time consuming process encountered on many claims – moving and handling of contents.  We strive to be the most cost effective and efficient content handling vendor in the industry.  We simplify the process by allowing the Property Restoration companies to focus on the restoration of the property, while at the same time normalizing the cost to handle and move contents in order to protect them and to facilitate the necessary building repairs.

Action Contents can have the content pack out & return done in a matter of hours instead of days, reducing handling costs, ALE / Loss of Use costs, and shortening the overall lifespan of your claim files.  We are mindful of the fact that there can already be many different parties involved in the claims process, and we integrate our services into the process seamlessly.  We will also identify other options if possible to minimize moving and storage costs by manipulating contents on site and returning when the repairs are complete to return them to their original location in the home or business.

Our rates do not change depending on the day of the week or the time of day either (other than Statutory Holidays of course!). If we schedule a pack-out to start on a Saturday because it is more convenient for your insured, you will not be charged Overtime Rates.  If we return the contents on a Friday night to avoid another weekend of ALE / Loss of Use costs being incurred, you will not be charged Overtime Rates.